AT POWER shaftless ITB sisselaskekomplekt DCOE 48 mm

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ITB size 48 mm

These DCOE Throttle Bodies are a direct replacement for the Weber DCOE and Dellorto DHRLA carburettors.Typically used in applications when converting or upgrading from DCOE and DHRLA carburettors to Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), with the fixing bolt patterns matching those seen on the Weber DCOE DHRLA Carburettors, making these the ideal replacements for manifold mounted Carburettors. DCOE Twin Throttle Bodies are supplied fully assembled ready to bolt on directly to standard DCOE bolt pattern manifolds.They feature AT Power’s lightweight precision machined billet aluminium twin round housings design, with our unique patented ‘Shaftless’ technology and knife edged butterfly valves providing proven improved induction airflow speed and increased engine performance.

Anodising Colour Black 
Mechanical Cable Linkage Pull: Center Pull 
TPS Mounting Side: Left 
Throttle TPS Type: Wabash 971rps- No Sensor 
Fuel Rail Fittings: Standard Fitment JIC-6 AN-6
Extension Length: 70mm
Ram Pipe Length: 60mm 
Bore Size: 48mm 
Fuel Rail Injector Brackets: Standard Fitment Pico IWP Injector 
Cylinder Bore Spacings  92mm 
Induction Type : Naturally Aspirated 
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