BMW S54 CAT CAMS CAMSHAFTS + rocker arm kit

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CAT031 KIT includes:
24x CAT031 rocker arm
 2x rocker arm shafts with extra holes (original BMW)
 1x oil bridge (oil supply from exhaust to intake rocker arm shafts)

Any warranty regarding camshaft wear is excluded, unless our CAT031 rocker arm system is being used.
S54 camshafts can only be ordered in combination with rocker arm kit CAT031 !!!
The VANOS (VVT) system on the intake camshaft changes the PD from 132° to 72°. The data are shown for full intake retard (disengaged VVT).
The VANOS (VVT) system on the exhaust camshaft changes the PD from 83° to 128°. The data are shown for full exhaust retard (disengaged VVT).
Check distance between valves and piston to be 1mm at least with VVT engaged. Wrong installation will cause severe engine damage!
ECU reprogramming advised
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